Panel Speaker

Emily Troemel, PhD

Professor of Biological Sciences, UC San Diego


Dr. Troemel received her BS in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1992, and her PhD in Cell Biology from UC San Francisco in 1999. For her PhD thesis, she identified and characterized the first chemosensory receptors in the nematode, C. elegans. After a brief postdoc studying visual motion detection in Drosophila, she helped launch a start-up biotech company in San Francisco where she studied neuronal identity, neuroinflammation and performed drug screening in mammalian systems. After the company went public, she returned to academia for a postdoctoral fellowship at Mass General/Harvard Medical School, where she identified the first natural pathogen of C. elegans, Nematocida parisii. As faculty at UC San Diego, she uses this natural host/pathogen system to investigate the host response to intracellular infection. Recent findings include describing how a common transcriptional response to N. parisii and a natural RNA virus constitute a new immune/stress response.